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P. South Robotics

People of all ages, ethnicities, religions, races, and overall identities/backgrounds, bind together to form a community of trust and connectivity established with confidence. This community is built and supported as the PSH Robotics and will continue to!!  The students who bind this community often also excel in other activities like sports, art, music, academics, and performance. Students take a break from those activities to fully submerge themselves in designing, building, and promoting the robots for FTC competitions.

The teams excel @ the competition. In 2017, our team moved on through state, super-regional and world championships. With one of our teams placing 1st at the Missouri State Championships. Another fact that sets us apart from other teams is that we are a combination of being funded by the school and outside sponsors!


 1 team is competing this year in the  FTC 2021-2022 season!

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